CF log 08/02/15 (Sun)

Did quite random workouts today (I felt) haha. But now my muscles are feeling a little sore – esp. hamstrings and back. It’s like the aches you feel after a good workout.

What we did:

2015-02-08 11.16.00


Did 2 building rounds of farmers walk with a partner, so essentially each one walked an average of one full round. Partnered Xuely today. First round we carried 16kg KBs on each hand, and the next round we used 20kg ones. I walked more for the next round! Maybe almost 3/4 of the round? Hahaha.

Sandbag lunges and GHDs were pretty ok for me. Not particularly tiring but I could feel my butt aching a bit with the lunges cos of the pistols we did yesterday too. I used the ladies’ sandbag which was smaller. I think this would have felt like more of a workout if I used the guy’s (heavier) sandbag… but don’t act smart; maybe I’d kill myself with it and get so shagged :P Erm, and the 15 GHDs between each round of lunges somehow felt easier than usual too… haha.


Tabatas were done with empty bar (i.e., 35#~15kg for me). Was alright. Only tiring while doing the movements, but after that ok. First tabata was just 8 rounds of push jerks – did an average of 15 push jerks per round. Second tabata was front squats – did an average of 12 per round.

To end off, we also did 4 x 20 shoulder touches. Not too bad.


I planned to PR my deadlift today after class, but it was quite pathetic :P Improved only by 5#, which is probably like 2kg? o.O Even with the belt, I really could not lift any heavier weight off the ground. I did try and rest multiple times… :/ And guess what? Now not only my back squats are problematic (lopsided at heavy weights), my deadlift has problems too. With heavier weights, I tend to shift my weight to my right when I’m picking up the bar… so like I put more weight on the right (can be seen cos my butt shifts towards right :/). Thing is i don’t even feel it! Bleah, why is my back like that, why I so lopsided :( So ended up having a 1RM deadlift of only 185# (from 180# previously). LE SIGH.

Determined to PR something, I decided to try cleans – full and power. For the full cleans, I increased my PR by about 5# too -.- Honestly, I really think I have no problems cleaning the bar up; maybe can clean even slightly heavier. But the problem is I can’t stand up from the squat cos of sucky front squats. Really really need to work on front squats if I want to see improvement for cleans . So as it stands now, 1RM full clean: 120# (from 114#).

Then I tried doing power cleans too since it doesn’t really rely on front squat. And managed 110# (from 100#). Yup, PR-ed. But seriously I don’t feel that great about my PRs today. Quite a pathetic PR attempt day >< Maybe cos my muscles were already quite tired from the mix of movements we did for class today… #excuses(?). Guess I’ll try another day.


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