CF log 16/02/15 (Mon)

Supposed to have a dinner out with Regine and Anny. But Regine fell ill and couldn’t make it last minute. Ok.

When I have night outings or other plans, I will have to sacrifice cf for the day. It’s sad, but that’s what a working life does for me :( So because of the last minute cancellation, I did not have cf attire to go for the evening class. But eventually I did, cos Anny loaned me her sports wear ^^ YAY <3 And we WOD-ed together at 7:30pm (cos she overslept for the 7am class this morning anyway haha).

Killer combi for WOD again today: thrusters and burpees.


5-min EMOM power snatch [75#] – did not have to be TnG, so I aimed for 3-2 every set
1 x ME power snatch at 85% of previous weight [70#; 8 reps]

4 x {3 snatch balance + 5 OHS} (3x 75#, 1x 80#)


(1) 12-min AMRAP
40 thrusters [(65#)]
40 6″ target burpees
[completed one round and 22 burpees]

Started with burpees. Got confused after I finished one round whether it was supposed to an AMRAP or just completing the round; cos Anny asked me if I was doing AMRAP haha. Not sure if coach “scaled down” to just completing one round. But I did AMRAP anyway. Actually she stopped the timer before it hit the full 12 minutes. Think there was at least 15 secs more, and I could have squeezed in 3 burpees to make it 25! Oh well :P

(2) 5-min AMRAP
15 thrusters [95#] (85#)
15 6″ target burpees
Did one round. Chiong burpees in last 1.5min >

Started with thrusters because they were kinda heavy so I thought I should get them over and done with first. I feel like my thrusters never improve -.- haha. I always feel that the 25# per side is super heavy for me and I can’t even string 3 thrusters! It’s like a 2 RM >< But if it was 20# a side like I did for Kalsu, I could string 5-7 at least for one set? Maybe it’s also partly a mental thing, and the physical tiredness after doing the first 12-min AMRAP and the strength component. Hm.

So I took super long to finish the 15 thrusters :/ More than 3 minutes HAHA. And because I wanted to finish at least one round, I rushed the 15 burpees in the 1+ minutes I had left. I could hardly feel my legs towards the end hahaha. And seriously super shagged after the 5 minutes was up. But it was a good workout :)

Sadly, all the thrusters and burpees have “gone to waste” because I just stuffed my face with the insane amount of CNY goodies I have at home D: Poor self-control when it comes to food :X


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