CF log 21/02/15 (Sat)

With my back still feeling stiff and legs achy, I made it for class again today hehe :>


14-min alt EMOM –
3-position clean [3x 95#, 4x 100#]
10 ring dips [banded]

I did more sets at 100# today compared to last week! While doing, a part of me was thinking if I  should increase the weight to 105#, but decided against it cos towards the end the 100# started to feel a little heavy >< hahaha. Perhaps next week! :D

5 x 3 jerks [push jerk; 2x 85#, 3x 90#]
5 x 3 pause clean first pull [105#]

Methena corrected my jerk form. Said I had to put more weight at the back of my feet, so leaning back ever-so-slightly. Also had to make sure my bar stops sliding down from my shoulders whenever I dip. And try to put my elbows lower even while keeping the bar up :P Was doing all these correcting toward my last 1-2 sets I think. Then dropped weight and did more reps to try out the corrections. Triceps were aching as he was coaching omg >< hahaha.

Sounds like a lot of correction to take note haha >< But personally I think the bar rolling down is more of an issue for me cos my elbows are kinda flexi so I can push them up pretty high and that’s what allows the bar to stay at my shoulders area… if I hold it lower it would inevitably slide cos I think the area would not be stable/broad enough for the bar to rest there HAHA. Oops :P So gotta consciously push the bar up and keep chest up!


1-km row
5 pull up + ring dips (scale down from MUs)

The WOD looks easy and little cos we ran out of time hahaha. It was supposed to be a 15-min AMRAP. That is just one round of it.

Anyway I could string 4 pull-ups!! :D I think I kipped. Not too sure if my kip is proper or looks weird haha. But legit chin-over-bar pull-ups ^^ And surprisingly, it was not as tiring as it felt before when I could do only 3! Yeah, but my strict pull-ups are still pretty bad. I think I’m still stuck at one haha.


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