CF log 24/01/15 (Tue)


10-8-6-4-2 inchworm with push-up at the bottom, and sit-ups
2 x 10 HSPUs

Abs still hurting from Sunday so the sit-ups were such a killer D: Then coach saw Jingwei “complaining” about her abs and the sit-ups and said no one else was complaining. But I told her ‘erm, it’s really quite painful, mine’s still hurting too’ HAHA. So coach was nice enough to tell those who did the Sunday workout to do air squats instead hahaha. So my 6-4-2 were air squats xD


5 x 3 back squat @ 80% [3x 145#, 2x 155#]
Every 1:30 min for 5 sets – 5 TnG power C&J [85#]

Actually partnered Jingwei for back squats today, after the countless times she’s been asking me partner her. I don’t partner her cos our strength levels are SO SO DIFFERENT. She lifts so much more than me! But she keeps asking me to partner her no idea why??? And thankfully all the previous times, coach always pairs me up with someone else, or asks me to do the workout on my own. But today coach didn’t really assign partners and Jingwei just happily told me to do the squats with her; all ready setting up the rack too >< hahaha. Jingwei said I prolly could go heavier (at 145#) cos my squat posture/position was nice.. does that mean I’m not that lopsided anymore? :D Or can my “lopsided-ness” only be seen from certain angles (e.g., side-view, front view).. hm. (btw, Jingwei’s squats were like 50# heavier than mine hahaha)


3 rounds –
50-cal row
15 OHS [(65#)]
7/5 MUs [pull-ups & ring dips]

No idea what was my timing. It’s not accurate anyway because we had to wait around for the rowers haha. The rowing was actually quite tiring >< Did my OHS 10-5; I thought I did it decently quick! As for my scaled down MUs, I think I should try learning the band MUs. Tried it once with Anny before but it was pretty bad cos I couldn’t really get the hang of it >< haha.


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