CF log 25/02/15 (Wed)


Every 2-min for 8 min (5 sets): 3 TnG full squat C&Js [in #: 85-90-90-95-95]
Every 1:30-min for 6 min (5 sets): 3 TnG squat snatch [in #: 70-70-70-75-80]

Coach made me do C&Js at 95# (~42kg) for my 4th set. I can do the cleans; jerks are my limiting factor for the C&J movement. Didn’t manage the last rep of jerk for that set and the bar looked like it was gonna fall and land on my head haha. Anny and coach were a bit scared by the dangerous action :P On the last set, coach asked if I wanted to stick to the weight or go back to 90#. I stuck. I felt I could do it cos the first 2 reps of that 4th set felt pretty ok (just that I messed up my clean a little on that 3rd rep, so I think my mental state and jerk got a bit affected haha). And I did 3 reps of the C&J at 95# :D I’m quite sure it’s my first time C&J-ing TnG at that weight!

Snatches felt ok today; landing felt stable. But was a bit scared to go heavier haha.


4 rounds –
6 power snatch (135/95) [70#]
12 TTBs
18 wall balls

Pretty ok too. I guess cos I went kinda light on the snatches >< Was able to string up to 3 at one go (not all the time though). TTBs – tried to string them and I think I’m getting the hang of it! Feeling the momentum. Just need to get my feet that teeny bit closer to the bar when I do the swinging/stringing thing! I could string all 18 wall balls for the last round! Previous rounds was actually conserving energy so just strung 10-8.


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