CF log 26/02/15 (Thu)

Felt like it’s been so long since I did strength day.

7 x 3
Bench press [4x 85#, 3x 70#]
Deadlift [2x 155#, 3x 170#, 175#, 185#]
Strict press [75#]

Dropped weight for bench cos my pushing up motion was a bit shaky as Trevor M pointed out (was doing all the workouts beside him today :O hahaha – so subject to him correcting our forms! well it’s not too bad actually!). Partnered a new girl (new because I’ve not seen her before) who benches about the same weight as Anny (like 47kg??!); and she’s about the same size as me, probably similar weight too. I’ve been doing cf for so long and I’m still forever stuck at my sub-85#(~37.7kg) D: SAD.

PR-ed deadlifts!! PR cos what was my 1 RM became my 3 RM today ^^ Trevor corrected my form a little for this today. Needa focus on pulling shoulders back more! Then I can lift the bar better too :D I can feel a slight difference!

Strict press was ok for the first 3 rounds. Then subsequently needed more and more assistance >< But I just went all the way at the same weight :P Sigh upper body/shoulders too weak! As Yun said, I need to do more HSPUs hahaha (after she saw my failed jerk yesterday).


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