CF log 02/03/15 (Mon)

GUESS WHAT. I SIGNED UP FOR THE CROSSFIT GAMES OPEN! :D :D hahaha. Peer-pressure by David and Jon who claimed that coach said to sign up. But she didn’t tell me leh! :P But ok, seeing my name on the leaderboard (regardless how lousy) is quite exciting teehee ^^

There was no metcon today… after I ate quite a bit at work cos I was so bored >< Had 2 packs of Julie butter cream crackers (sounds so unhealthy with “butter” and “cream” haha; well, 140 cals per packet :X) and 2 Mr Bean pancakes (the new flavours: creamy mushroom and spicy edamame)! I saw a 7-11 and really wanted a peanut waffle actually. But the SGH branch doesn’t serve waffles, so it’s 2 pancakes haha!

So anyway, what we did today.


5 x 10 wall balls every 30-sec


5 x 3 tempo ring dips (3s hold at top, 3s controlled dip, 3s hold at bottom, up)
14-min alternate EMOM –
a) 3-position snatch per side [29.1kg~64#, last set at 31.6kg~70#]
b) 10 6″ target burpees

I felt a little bout of happiness when I noticed that I could do 10 of those burpees in 31/32 seconds haha xD Felt pretty fast to me!

5 x 3 pause front squat [2x 105#, 1x 114#, 3x 133#~60.5kg]

Yup, did an extra set for the squats cos Jingwei made me do another round at 133# >< So crazy. It really was a pretty huge jump from 114 to 133. She even volunteered to spot me just to make me jump up to that weight. It was a pause (+) front squat. The pause makes the front squat even more unbearable >< It felt like my 1 RM pause front squat hahaha! But ok, honestly, I was a bit amazed and quite happy I could actually that weight :P Think I PR-ed the pause front squat haha. Based on what I recorded, my max (non-pause) front squat was only 63kg??! So 60kg is like pushing it a little :P (so close to a 1 RM normal front squat). Well anyway, it’s time I start improving on the pause front squats so I can get my clean numbers up! 1 RM cleans getting close to 1 RM front squats… not good; cos squats will become my limiting factor for progress >< haha.


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