CF log 03/03/15 (Tue)


14-min EMOM
a) 3-position clean + split jerk [worked from 37.7kg~85# to 1 set @ 45kg~105#]
b) 15 jumping air squats

I think we did only 6 sets when it’s supposed to be 7 :/ Cos I was counting sets and I wanted to add more weight (another 1.25kg per side) for the last set of C&Js. Didn’t get to do it. I think I could have made it!


10-min AMRAP –
50 burpees
20 KB swings [(16kg)]
7 MUs (scaled down to deficit jumping pull-ups and band ring dips)
[completed 1 round + 2nd round of KBs, pull-ups, ring dips, 2 burpees]

I started with the KB swings for both rounds, hence the miserable 2 burpees I ended up with ><

I’ve decided that I should do deficit pull-ups as much as possible for any workout with pull-ups (so jump, deficit down). Build strength for more strict pull-ups in future, and improve!! :D

(P.S. current standing after 15.1 and 15.1a, 19th female in SG hehe. I just find it so cool to see my name on the leaderboard xD first time signing up for the games open!)


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