CF log 06/03/15 (Fri)

Pretty long workout. (Only doing 15.2 tomorrow.)

EMOM 14 minutes –
7 power cleans [(40kg)]
50 DUs [scaled to 30 DUs]

EMOM 12 minutes –
5 OH squats [30.1kg~65#]
50 DUs [scaled to 30]

EMOM 10 minutes –
3 power snatch [33.6kg~75#]
10 wall balls

Only rx-ed the cleans haha. Cleans were pretty manageable! :D But by the time I got to power snatches, my hands were so sweaty I had to keep chalking :P I TnG-ed the snatches cos I guess it was pretty light weight. Don’t think I could have gone much heavier cos my shoulders/arms were quite tired by then and I didn’t think I was super stable haha.


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