CF log 15/03/15 (Sun)

Just a quickie update before I go to bed and really rest my eyes. I feel like my eyes have been fatigued and overworked today by staring at the computer screen and excel documents (with rows and columns of data) for at least 4 hours straight :(

Went for the supposedly gym strength class at 9am today. But they changed it to an MU progression class cos of 15.3 open workout. A little last minute/late, but better than nothing. En route to achieving MUs next year! :P Hahaha. I thought it was a pretty good class :) First I need to get my ring dips ><

Then I did the scaled version of the 15.3 workout.

14-min AMRAP –
50 wall balls [(10#)]
200 single-unders

Managed 769 reps! :) Not bad for me since I was aiming for 3 rounds and this exceeded it!

Just another note-to-self, I need to get my DUs as consistent as my singles too >< My DUs should come as easily as singles, or maybe easier hahaha :P


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