CF log 18/03/15 (Wed)


7 x 1 snatch from above knee [work up from 28.6kg~63# to 42.7kg~94#] – PR-ed!
5 x 1 jerk [split jerk; work up from 37.7kg~83# to 46.8kg~103#]

Quite happy that I PR-ed my snatch! I just somehow felt quite stable today haha. I missed the 45kg snatch though. Bar actually fell on my lower back :P Dangerous! Luckily it didn’t slam hard on my spine or tailbone area ><

Wondering if I could have gone heavier for the split jerks because in the subsequent WOD I actually managed 4 C&Js in a minute at the 103# weight haha.


3 rounds –
1-min ME C&J (increase weight after each round) [42.7kg~94#, 45.2kg~99#, 46.8kg~103#]
1-min rest
1-min ME bar MU [scaled down to *pull-ups (rd 1 & 3) and ring dips (rd 2)]
1-min rest

I tried my best to do strict pull-ups! Then when I got tired I used my legs; so kinda kicking myself up but not exactly a kip haha. Aimed for 10 each round but I think I managed an average of 8-9. It’s not too bad for me considering that I only improved on my pull-ups quite recently??

I’m still stuck at doing banded ring-dips though haha. Rings dips – once I get down I can’t push myself back up >< Speaking of which, this reminds me of one of the previous cf sessions this week where we had to sit on the floor while holding the rings and pull ourselves up keeping the L-shape sitting position (no idea how to better describe it; hopefully I still unds the next time I look back at this post HAHA). I didn’t try it during the class but after that stayed back for a while to try it out cos it looked easy for some people to do it hahaha. And I managed it too! But seriously the core hurts like shit and I would probably faint if I did too many HAHAHA xD I probably stopped breathing as I was doing it; have to focus too much for every rep hahahaha.


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