CF log 19/03/15 (Thu)

Strength day but no deadlift PR today. Just didn’t feel like a PR day for my deadlifts. But my bench press improved! No idea if it’s cos I did it as the first thing of the 3 strength movements haha. Because I know for strict presses, if I did them first, I would be able to manage a slightly heavier weight.

7 x 3
Bench press [5x 37.7kg~83#, 2x 40.2kg~88#]
Strict press [4x 28.6kg~63#, 3x 31.1kg~68#]
Deadlift [4x 78.5kg~173#, 3x 83.5kg~184#]

I partnered Belle today, yayyy hehe. Her deadlifts were so awesomeee <3 25 kg more than mine! I hope I’ll be able to hit 100kg soon and join the unoffical deadlift 100kg club xD Maybe by June??? Liberal timeline hahahaha.

Anyway glad that my bench presses are FINALLY improving though! I managed the 37.7kg weight with much lesser assistance than I did before and I think it’s actually my new 3 RM cos I can actually do 3 without assistance for at least one of the sets! :D YAY. Needed assistance with the 40.2kg though, but I believe I should be able to get it soon! Slow and steady; to more strength improvements!! ^^

Went for froyo after this with Belle, Yun, Xin and Joyce. Met Anny and Evelyn at froyo location – Frozen. Second time there and once again spent more than $10 on froyo :X But it was my dinner… so it’s ok right hahaha. All the lunch money I saved from bringing my own food to work spent there xD But so worth it (though they didn’t have some of the nice ingredients like turkish delight, which I took the last time I went… and I’m still on my chocolate ban/sacrifice plan for lent)! :D Short gossip session with Belle and Anny otw home too hahaha! :P

(P.S. I have decided to use my Dayre, which I created long ago when it first came out haha. Stopped using it and deleted all my old posts (not many) because it was not updated to fit the iphone 6 screen. But now it is updated, so I’ve decided to try going back to use it! It’s good for me to micro-blog and post random things while I’m on the go hehehe. I’m quite the social media junkie… :P)


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