CF log 21/03/15 (Sat)


15-min to establish 1 RM power snatch [worked up to 40.2kg~88#]  – PR-ed (by ~5kg) :)
7-min EMOM 3 back squat [69.4kg~153#]

Wow, the back squats were almost 70kg. No wonder they felt so heavy! I was under the impression that they were 65kg ><


2 rounds –
1-km row
40 6″ target burpees

Felt so shag doing the WOD today D: Was rowing rather slowly at 2:20 per 500m for most of the rowing :P Was feeling a little under the weather today too, and while doing the burpees in the first round, my nose was so runny and irritating that it made doing the burpees hard (cos had to keep sniffing) hahaha. Got through it all anyway, so yay! :)

Practiced the movements in preparation for 15.4 which I intend to do tmr! Got the cleans though they are so so close to my PR (125 vs. 128#)! But still working on the HSPUs to meet the standard >< Did a progression from using 2 ab mats under my head to 1. There’s gonna be a one hour session on HSPU progression tmr, so I MUST get it from the ground by then! Then I can do the rx-ed version of this workout ^^ Not hoping for much, just 6 reps and I’ll be happy hehe :)


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