CF log 04/04/15 (Sat)


5 x 1 full snatch [2x 37.7kg, 2x 40.2kg,1x 42.7kg]
5 x 3 front squat [2x 60.4kg~133#, 3x 65.4kg~144#]

Kena secretly video-ed on my last snatch attempt and was posted on the crossfithub instagram :O >< Then I noticed myself jumping forward so obviously BOOHOOOO. Needa be more conscious of that! :/ (oooh and I realised 42.7kg is my PR for full snatches??! the previous 42.7kg was for hang snatch… ooooh hahaha)


Deadlifts [(70kg)]

I mixed strict and kipping HSPUs. Strict was done with 2 ab mats beneath my head, and kips were done with 1. Took so long for this! :P More than 12 minutes that’s all I know, because took too long that Coach stopped the timer cos 10am class was starting hahaha.


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