CF log 07/04/15 (Tue)

Today started out a usual sucky day. Work was sucky too even though there was a farewell lunch. But at least it ended not too bad with crossfit. Seriously an instant mood-lifter. My stupid boss wanted me to stay back till 7pm today and I said NO. I already have something on at 7:30pm -.- F you. Didn’t even do work the entire of last week and making me stay back cos of your problems. Sorry I’m not empathetic with your plight, especially because this is one of many instances you’ve been slow and seem to have no respect for time at all.

But anyway, thank you for making me so pissed that I felt like I pushed myself today. Could push more next time, but for today I guess I’m satisfied.

So, on to the happiest thing of the day!


15-min EMOM 3 squat cleans [2x 42.7kg, 2x 45.2kg, 7x 46.8kg, 2x 49.3kg, 2x 51.8kg~114#]
3 x 10 push jerk [37.7kg]

Couldn’t really feel my arms toward the last few reps of each set of jerks. But I think perhaps I would try increasing the weight to about 40kg next time (if I do this again)!


150 KB swings [(16kg)] – broke up the reps to 30-30-25-25-20-20


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