CF log 08/04/15 (Wed)


Partnered Jingwei for class today. Kena pushed for the split jerks. But yay managed a PR! :)


7 x 1 snatch from above knee [worked up from 37.7kg, last rep PR at 45.2kg]

Used 2 reps for my PR, but still YAY.

7 x 1 split jerk [max of 53.8kg – PR]

Actually I can’t remember if it was 5 x 1 or 7 x 1. But anyway, I don’t think I did 7 if I exclude the warm-up sets haha. At least 5 maybe – starting with 37.7kg. Worked up to a new PR! :D Up by 2kg. Jingwei tried to push me to do another rep 2.5kg heavier but I failed T.T I could feel that my mental was stopping me already >< Maybe next time. Anyway, I think split jerks should be significantly heavier than push jerks right? :P Mine’s just 2kg apart… haha.

4 x ME C2B [didn’t actually do it; see below haha]

I did this only at the end of WOD cos took too long for the snatches and jerks oops :P Then I was telling Jingwei how I can’t do C2Bs, and I ended up learning techniques on how to get C2B rather than doing this 4 x ME thing. She was trying to teach me how to use my hips/angle my body/swing etc. so my chest can touch the bar. But…. after all that, still can’t get one rep D: Well at least I know what is meant by using my hips now. So shall work on that and hopefully get it soon! Then it will be one movement down from my mental movements-to-get-by-next-year list hahaha.


1:30 min work, 0:30 rest
5 rounds –
HS walk [scaled to 10 shoulder touches; 1L+1R=2]

I think I hit at least 50 DUs each round.. I know it’s not a lot haha, but it was still tiring! Used the hub rope which I feel I can DU better than with my rogue one! :P


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