CF log 10/04/15 (Fri)

TGIF! Made even more awesome with cf :) And finally saw Yzanne after one week though didn’t get to catch up much hahaha.

My knee still felt wonky today :/ But as I squat more (throughout the session) it felt slightly better, as in less painful/less “twisty” feeling when I squat. No idea if that’s a good or bad thing really. Like, I may be over-exerting it without knowing cos I think it is ok :P I worked out as per normal even with my wonky knee hahaha (i.e., did the back squats, full cleans, thrusters).


4 x 1-min shoulder touches

Lats and shoulders felt like dying. I did 30 shoulder touches each round and held the handstand position for the remaining time cos I couldn’t sustain shoulder touches all the way. At the last set, I think my arms were a little shaky already ><

10 min to establish 1 RM C&J [51.3kg~113#]
4 x 5 back squat [2x 69.4kg, 2x 71.9kg]

COOOOL. Didn’t realise I PR-ed my C&J! I mean it’s not the PR of my clean or jerk if looked at separately. But as one C&J exercise (squat clean, split jerk), I PR-ed by 1kg hahaha. The last time I PR-ed was during the open workout 15.1a. I think that’s the first time I did 1RM for C&J anyway. Or at least really pushed myself to do it well haha.


Thrusters (95#) [37.7kg~83#]
(aka. Heavy “Fran”)

Tried C2Bs again. Still not touching the bar. So I think I ended doing most of my C2Bs as the usual pull-ups, kipping style heh. Once in a while I tried to do a C2B and swing my hips/pull myself higher etc. But still failing :P I thinkkk I may be getting the feel of the movement though… just needa use hips to swing myself up (at an angle) more as jw says ><

I felt like giving up while doing the WOD haha. Idk why. Took like 16 min to finish xD But not a very accurate timing cos I was really kinda taking my time hahaha :P

Yousun’s leaving back to Korea so she bought egg tarts for Yun. So she was sharing them around with some of us, making us take them haha. I shared half with Yun, then after she tried giving it out to everyone, there was still 4 leftover and she told Yzanne to take care of it. Then Yzanne made me take another egg tart. So I had 1.5 of it before dinner hahaha :P And this is on top of the farewell treats that colleague bought for the division today; we had macarons, tarts, eclairs and cake. So yumz actually hehe.

Then went for dinner with some evening peeps at a hawker centre around Bedok, jio-ed by jw. Altogether there was jw, chiew, cindy, belle, josten. Rode with chiew in her car there, while the rest took Cindy’s car. Ate some pig organ/pork meesua that was really not bad! Especially with all the chili I added hehe :) I ate till I sweat LOL. And it was so easy for me to sweat cos I just did workout and I think my body was still heating up and not fully cooled down, so I was just “re-sweating” again hahaha #weirdlogic Then yay lift from jw back home too haha! :D


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