CF log 11/04/15 (Sat)


15 min to establish 1RM full snatch [45.2kg] – now on par with my hang snatches haha
15 min to establish 3RM front squat [69.9kg]

My left knee still hurts :( I asked my bro and he said maybe it’s some soft tissue or ligament problem. DANG. I think I should rest soon… and stop putting so much weight on my knee for a while…


30 snatches for time, time cap 12:00 (95#/42.5kg) [37.7kg]
[finished in 9:40]

Slow, but at least I managed all the reps with 37.7kg! I don’t think I ever did so many snatches with that weight before haha. I guess my snatches are improving? And towards the end of the 30 reps, I felt that my snatch form was not bad! Cos I could really feel myself using my hips, the weightless-ness of the bar as I snatched it.. and I wasn’t jumping forward haha!


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