CF log 18/04/15 (Sat)

Today was Coach Methena’s last day at hub. So to make it special, all of us did the workout he did when he first joined, which was Open workout 12.4.

Our warm-ups were so funny today! It was like back in pri school days hahaha. Just for fun xD Had to run to one end, hold the umbrella (like walking stick, resting the tip on the ground), and spinning around it 10 times before running back to your “team” and tagging the next person. Was so hilarious because after spinning, you see everyone who went before you losing their balance and either falling or unable to run in a straight line; totally out of control and running towards the side HAHA. And actually even before your turn, when you see the people before you moving so “scarily” you think if it’s really that bad. Short answer: IT IS.


Open workout 12.4
12-min AMRAP –
150 wall balls [~8min!]
90 DUs
30 MUs (scaled to pull-ups)
[did up to 7 pull-ups; less than a round of everything haha]

I think no one in the 9am class finished one round of everything :P Even david did till 4 MUs. Split into 2 groups to do this WOD. The group that wasn’t doing would keep track of the reps of the other group (partner style; one to one). And amazingly, I was the first to complete to wall balls and progress to DUs in my group! So cooool haha. I broke my record for Karen again (the 150 wall balls). This time by about 30s! :D So I finished that in about 8 min. No exact timing cos I didn’t look at the split, but I trust my partner who counted for me. And when I looked up at the clock some point during the wall balls, it seemed logical that I could end around 8 min hehe ^^

So anyway, after I moved on to DUs after wall balls, Yun was telling everyone ‘eh deborah finish already and she’s supposedly the one with injured knees…’ HAHA. So funny xD Actually while I was doing the wall balls, she came to me and ask ‘eh you doing full squat ah, thought you wanna do half squat?’. Then I told her, ‘erm after wearing the knee sleeve I can go full already’ hahaha. Yup, used her knee sleeves again today :P Paiseh, keep contributing sweat to it :X At the end of class she asked me if I wanted to buy, and she could order for me yay ^^ So I said yes! She asked me for colour (and size – hers was a ok fit for me) then I told her I wanted pink and she gave me her weird look hahahaha funny.

I kept tripping on my DUs though :/ Somehow I keep tripping when I use my own rope. But if I use the hub one, I can string more DUs. Hm. Shall look at the length of my speed rope again maybe…? So tired by the time I hit the pull-ups, so I just did jumping :P Nonetheless, happy with what I did today! :)

Just a note: This was my post-WOD snack.

2015-04-18 12.40.02

BEATS QUEST CHIPS HANDS DOWN!! Seriously great tasting. And wtheck the carbs are half of the protein content :O


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