CF log 20/04/15 (Mon)

Start of the week. Monday blues. The shit’s real in the working world D: So thankful for cf. And what’s better is that the timing shifted from 6:30 to 6:45pm for Mondays and Wednesdays! So yay, no need to rush as much from work and can still make it for the earlier 6+ slot ^^

On another note, I died during the WOD today :( I was just DAMN SHAGGED. Idk why. I think it’s just burpees. I can’t do burpees well. They tire me out SO FAST.


5 rounds –
0:30 hollow hold
0:30 “superman” (roll over to one side from hollow hold)
0:30 hollow hold
0:30 “superman” (roll over to the other side from hollow hold)
Roll back to hollow hold and rest 1:00

Pretty long warm-up actually. But really trains the abs!


4 x 10 back squats [work up; 1x 51.3kg, 1x 56.3kg, 2x 60.4kg]

Borrowed yun’s knee sleeves again hahaha. This time brought it home to wash before returning. Finally xD


100 burpees for time
EMOM 3 C&J (43kg) [37.7kg]

Well, I started out trying the rx weight. But after a few rounds (maybe 3-4) and 30ish burpees, I gave up. I swear this was damn hard for me. I started with 15 burpees in the first minute. Then subsequently after the 3 C&Js, I could only push out 5 burpees MAX (and it just went down gradually till about 3 a round on average I think). There were quite a few minutes I just did the C&Js and decided to rest and do more burpees the next round. But this strategy failed for me. I just couldn’t recover >< Then towards the end I really felt like I was gonna faint. When I had about 25 burpees left? And that was almost 20 (or 20) minutes down already :X haha. So the last few burpees were just done as “Do x number of burpees then go to 3 C&Js. Screw the EMOM” hahaha. X was 8. Jingwei was counting for me at the end and I was really dying omg. And my abrasions at the collar bones from cleans just got bad again. SO PAINFUL wts D: When I was finally done – who knows how I took, gees (guessing 20-25min range) – sat at the side with the others who completed before me, and Nigel, Samson and I were saying how doing this WOD gave us a headache at the end hahaha.


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