CF log 23/04/15 (Thu)

Missed cf for 2 days. Tuesday cos I went for THE SCRIPT CONCERT YAYYYY <3 <3 And yesterday, just cos I wanted to rest my knees and not exert it too much. Yeah it still hurts quite a bit whenever I do full squats (or kneels), but it’s better today after I put some tape on it and took some medication.

Went back today cos it was strength day! Won’t put too much strain on my knees haha. And anyway, it has been.. what, 2-3 weeks since I last did the strength day movements :P

7 x 3
Bench press [2x 37.7kg, 5x 40.2kg]
Strict press [1x 28.6kg, 6x 31.1kg]
Deadlift [4x 78.5kg, 1x 81kg, 1x 83.5kg, 1x 86kg]

Wowz. Like seriously. I hit 86kg today??! Lol, I surprise myself sometimes! :O

Kinda pleased with the press (both) numbers today! Didn’t get worse, and in fact maybe improved a little? Like for bench I could sustain 5 sets at 40kg (which I think I’ve never done before) :) Some of my 3rd reps had teeny assistance though, but I think I could do most! And strict press, no assistance! Just quite ugly 3rd reps sometimes hehe :P


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