CF log 30/04/15 (Thu)

Felt kinda cui cos I struggled so much for the heavier sets of bench presses and felt like I couldn’t really do strict presses today :/ Deadlifts felt so heavy, and I rounded my back on some reps; poor form D:

It is as though my body is just not up for all these strenous stuff anymore. Like I thought I could push myself harder before, as compared to now… My back feels tight, my core feels weak, my legs feel weak, my knee area hurts/aches for squats and only gets better after I warm it up (and that’s only sometimes; sometimes it gets better, others it just continues to hurt so I can’t put super a lot of weight on it/press it to work harder). SIGH PIE. WHY. God, please don’t take one of the very few happy things in my life right now away from me :'( I still wanna cf well. Boohoo.

7 x 3
Bench press [1x 37.7kg, 3x 40.2kg, 3x 42.5kg]
Strict press [1x 28.6kg, 3x 31.1kg, 1x 28.6kg, 2x 31.1kg]
Deadlift [1x 78.5kg, 3x 83.5kg, 3x 86kg]

Needed some assistance for the 3rd reps of the 42.5kg set for bench press, sometimes 2nd rep too :/

Dropped weight halfway for strict presses cos I really felt I couldn’t sustain the weight for the remaining sets. But went back up again. Best I managed with the 31.1kg weight was 2 unassisted (but push damn hard), and 1 assisted; that was the last set or 2nd last I think.


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