CF log 02/05/15 (Sat)

I borrowed knee sleeves again today. For my cleans >< Idk why my stupid knees are still feeling so tight and hurting when I full squat. It gets better after warming up, but still hurts a little. Like, I can feel the strain on my knees. They didn’t use to be like that :(


5 x 3 pause at knee clean [1x 37.7kg, 1x 46.8kg, 3x 51.8kg]
5 x {3 push jerk + 2 jerk grip OHS} [1x 28.6kg, 1x 33.6kg, 3x 37.7kg]


50 DUs
50 air squats
40 DUs
40 push-ups
30 DUs
30 lunges (15L, 15R)
20 DUs
20 pull-ups
10 DUs
10 BTN pull-ups

BTN pull-ups were HARD. If I jump I can barely let the bar touch the back of my neck, but strict… no haha. So I did jumping and controlled my going down (i.e., deficit) after the first 3 reps or so was assisted by Justin when going up strict haha. But I felt that I had so much assistance like I wasn’t really working at all :P

We did tabata (:20 work, :10 rest) DUs after WOD. 8 rounds. I only did 7 cos erm, I needed to tie my hair tighter… hahaha :X I realised my rope is shorter than the blue one that I always use at hub when I don’t bring my own rope… and I can do DUs with the blue rope more easily. I used to think it was cos the hub ropes were slightly heavier… but now maybe it’s the length??? Whatever it is, I just need to improve my DUs with my own rope! D: I can string like 20 or so (sometimes a little more) if it is my first few reps. But after the “long” string of DUs, I won’t be able to string as many anymore :/ Then actually I think I get quite frustrated sometimes when I keep tripping after that… which results in poorer DUs :( GAHH. Must try to make time to practise DUs ><


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