CF log 05/05/15 (Tue)

This is the only weekday I will be going for cf today :( (HOW TO IMPROVE LIKE THAT. SO SLACKER D:)

I’m pretty sad that my knees are still not fully recovered :( Forever borrowing Yun’s knee sleeves…. sigh. And with the knee pain, I get too conscious about it whenever we are doing squat movements (e.g., full cleans/snatches), and I think it distracts me from focusing on the movement itself. Like instead of focusing on the cleaning technique so I can clean heavier, I’m focusing on my knees… so I can’t really go down fast enough/ as fast as I should/can… meh.

Anyway, guest coach from norcal crossfit today! Did some funky wall ball stuff for warm-ups haha.


5 x 3 cleans from above knee [see notes below; max 52.7kg]
5 x 3 push jerk [1x 42.7kg, 3x 47.7kg, 1x 50.2kg]

Last set of push jerks were quite a struggle >< Anyway for the cleans, did it after jerks so didn’t have time to complete 5 sets (had to start the WOD already). I warmed up with one set at 37.7kg then 42.7kg. Started counting sets from 47.7kg; did one set of it. Then another 2 sets at 52.7kg.


5 rounds –
14 DB snatches [used 12.5kg; no more 15kg – wanted to try that]
10 burpees

Finished in 7+ minutes. We were sposed to pick a DB weight that we could go continuously for the snatches. Was kinda tired during the WOD but I think the recovery was pretty quick. Felt like I could do another round LOL.

Anyway, quite disappointed with my cf performance these days… keep feeling like I’m not good enough/pushing myself enough. I guess cos I feel like I recover too fast after the workouts too. And my stupid knees. Yeah I keep complaining about them. With my knees hurting, I find it harder to push myself for the oly lifts especially, cos I have to drop into a squat FAST. And ‘fast’ is something I’m scared of doing because I’m afraid my knees would just collapse under the weight now that they seem to be injured :( Knees please recoverrrr! :(

Oh and you know what? I’ve been eating so much these days/weeks. I have just put on like 2kg :'( KMN. And it’s not nutritious food or anything. Sigh.


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