Happy long-winded post

I thought that I should perhaps start writing about the happier things that are happening in my life rather than just filling this space with angsty/emo/sad posts under my “Life” section haha.

Let’s start with today.

It started out not very great. I know it was a Friday and all, but it just didn’t feel very TGIF this time. The worst part was probably the fact that I had to attend an external talk with my boss during lunch. And the thing about attending talks with her is that she tends to talk to me during the talks… about the talks. So she would sometimes explain the content of the talk as though I didn’t understand, or she would tell me to remember certain points for a debrief session later (which quite often never happens…. lol). Thing is, I hate people interrupting me during talks; or any related event that requires me to actually pay attention. Even in movies, I actually dislike it when people start questioning me about the characters or the plot while I’m kind of immersed in the show, or trying to figure things out myself :/

I digress.

So anyway, because of the lunch talk, she told me yesterday that we probably would leave the office around 10+am so we could grab a quick lunch before going for the talk. This meant that I had to rush out my work before that because she told me it was urgent and had to be done by today. I couldn’t do it after the talk when I got back to office (which would prolly be about 2+pm) because I was afraid it would take up too much time and if I send it too late she would not be able to look through it and subsequently send it up to my director.

Besides this urgent work, I also had to do some checking and tallying of documents which I have not done before. It was previously done by my colleague who just got transferred to another division. So it’s all me now. I wasn’t taught how to do it so not sure how long it would take. So, had to worry about that too :/

Because of all these, I thought I would be having quite a busy Friday :( I walked faster to get to my work desk earlier this morning. I prolly reached around 7:50am (when I would usually stroll and get breakfast and reach around 8am). And I started work immediately (when I would usually rest a little and eat my breakfast, prep myself for the day ahead). Finished my urgent work before boss came in. YAY. And even completed my checking and tallying task!

Then the boss told me actually maybe we could have lunch before we left around 11+am.

I was suddenly quite free -.-

So I did some extra work that could have been left to Monday. (I spread out my work so I look busy all the time :X)

Still found myself with time to spare because my boss has a pretty bad sense of time. When she says 5 minutes, it prolly means 15. When she says meet at 10am, she prolly means 11am -.- it really sucks cos it makes planning things to do kinda hard sometimes.

Fast forward to the talk.

AMAZINGLY she didn’t do her usual talk to me during the talk itself. WHAT A GREAT DAY :D hahahah. Then after the talk, IT RAINED. So she said to wait for the rain to stop while she debriefed me about the talk at the cafeteria nearby (the talk was in NUS bukit timah campus btw). She ate while talking to me, and by the time we were done, it was past 2pm! Reached back to the office around 3:15pm. YAY SO MUCH OF THE DAY GONE ^^

Oh, we had a pretty interesting cab ride back to the office too! The cabby was telling us all about the passengers he meets. Some of them include: 1) passengers who take his cab and upon reaching the destination tell him they have no money, 2) airport passengers who just push the trolley of luggages to him while they get into the taxi and close the door (so expect the taxi driver to load the luggages for them), 3) those who call cabs but are not there when cab arrives. then when the cabby calls, they don’t pick up. cabby leaves, passenger calls back and asks why cabby left and wanna complain -.- (this was a passenger our cabby just faced before coming to pick us haha, and he was so unhappy about it). But even when he faces shit, he was saying that he just accepts them. No point arguing and wasting time; even with the airport incident – he just helped with the heavy luggages. I thought that was really nice. Our cabby was a nice guy haha. I mean he gets upset and everything, but he doesn’t show it to his passengers; instead he still provides his services to them. You can’t really say it’s for the money too. Because sometimes when passengers flag his cab down and tell him they have no money to pay him then ask if he would still take them, he still says ok. Well, he talked of good passengers too. Like some who would tell him to start his meter even though the journey has not started because they still need a little more time to get ready (e.g., waiting for a friend, last minute toilet visit etc. basically not the cabby’s fault stuff, but somehow the passenger’s fault that the cabby has to wait. So these passengers know it’s “their fault” and take the initiative to ask the cabbys to just start their meter first, rather than just letting the cabby waste precious minutes of their time).

Digressed again. But the cab ride was really entertaining!

So yeah, what started out as quite a sad Friday was becoming so awesome!!!

Then she told me that she wanted me meet me to teach me about some policy evaluation model at 4:30pm. I’m like DANG, that means I won’t be able to leave at 5pm (official knock-off on Fridays for me). Remember when I said her sense of timing was bad? 4:30pm prolly meant like 5pm. And she is pretty long-winded (oops, rather like this post or worse)…. so she can take forever to get a point across.

BUT GREAT TURN OF EVENTS! She told me, actually she had to leave at 5pm so leave the “teaching” to next week. YAYYEEE. I get to knock off at 5pm too! Oh btw, usually when she says she has to leave by a certain time, she means it because her husband comes to pick her up and it’s not nice to keep people waiting haha.

Knocking off at 5pm meant that I could travel home first before meeting besties at Vivo at 6:45pm. Yeah I know I work at Outram and it doesn’t make sense for me to travel all the way home before going back to Vivo when Outram is just one stop away. But I really didn’t wanna go walk around Vivo on my own and do nothing for more than an hour. I’m usually not the shopper kind, and I don’t like shopping in Singapore. Most of the time, I am in no mood to shop. When I walk around on my own, it’s to look at food HAHA. But I didn’t wanna get tempted by all the food while walking too; since I was gonna have a nice TCC dinner cos of their 2-for-1 promo now – just nice for the 3 of us (that’s why we were meeting up and eating there hahahah).

Beyond this point is nothing very interesting anymore. I just had a great dinner and catch-up with my friends of many many years over TCC dinner, where I had yummy salmon with super crisp skin :) And I had good dessert from Max Brenner – scone with ice-cream, and a PB cookie shared among the 3 of us. I actually still felt like eating after that. So when we went to walk around in Giant supermarket for fun, I got a bar of dark chocolate hahaha. Yumyum dinner + sweets to end my Friday! :D

2015-05-08 20.46.21-2


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