CF log 31/05/15 (Sun)

Not sure if this should be classified as a crossfit log cos I didn’t actually go for the class today. Instead, did team training for the upcoming comp with my team :D It was fun! Am actually looking forward to more team training sessions before the comp (though not much time left :/).

Did all 3 events today.

Event 1: 30 wall balls and 30 burpees
I took about 3:06, trying to get all my burpees to count. I finished the wall balls about the same time as the guys but burpees were slow. I had to spend some effort locking out; and doing that kinda slowed me down and tired me out a bit. Felt like the burpees were not smooth if I had to lock out. Now a little worried for event 1. Can’t wait for my body to fully recover, then perhaps I could push myself more!

Event 2: 20 reps of 70kg (female wt,) deadlift / hold while partner is doing, and AMRAP DUs for remaining time
Male partner goes first. Partnering David for this. Holding the bar was not too tiring for me, surprisingly haha. David split the reps 10-10, but I could only go 10-5-5. Hm, if I can’t string 10-10, I think I should practise stringing the deadlifts I can manage faster. So I wouldn’t waste so much time :/ And my DUs, I could only string a max of 20+ today, and I keep having to do like 3 singles before starting which wastes time too :( Need more practise…

Event 3: One pair (M+F) does “Grace”, once completed next pair does “Isabel”. Time cap of 9-min.
Anny and Jon will be doing Grace while David and I doing Isabel. When Coach saw that Anny was doing Grace, she was a bit shocked. I guess she thought I would be better off doing Grace cos she saw Anny do Isabel previously and she didn’t miss any reps. But sorry.. my Grace timing really sucks. I can C&J the weight, but I can’t do it fast so it doesn’t really make sense for me to do Grace. Actually makes me feel bad cos I’m not good at either Grace or Isabel. So if we lose in Event 3… argh. I’m honestly the one pulling everyone down. Sobs. And honestly I feel bad about it :( So I guess it’s time to practise harder for this event too. Also, I think Anny would rather do Isabel than Grace. But I really really cannot handle Grace, so for the benefit of the team, she would have to do it. Gah. Seriously I’m the limiting factor >< I mean besides the wall balls… everything else I’m not really that strong or fast :(

Two more weeks! I wish I could just train instead of going to work, and go back to morning classes… at least up till the comp D:


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