CF Log 11/06/15 (Thu)

I keep thinking it’s a Friday today.

Anyway, we finally went back to Thursday strength trainings. Thankful for that cos my body is starting to get fatigued. But I decided to go for class today cos I wanted to borrow a speed rope, and I though if it was a WOD, I would just use lighter weights/go easy on the movements.

7 x 3
Bench press [5x 37.7kg, 2x 40.2kg] – could only do one rep per set without assistance for 40.2kg :(
Deadlift [2x 78.5kg, 2x 83.5kg, 1x 86kg] – yup, only did 5 sets (side note: counting weight as i log.. omg i did till 86kg? coooool)
Strict press [1x 24.1kg, 1x 29.1kg, 3x 31.6kg, 1x 33.1kg] – last rep of 33.1kg with assistance

After strength, Belle and Eric were practicing synchro snatches. I decided to try a few reps on my own too cos if I didn’t, the next time I would snatch 95# would be on the competition day itself >< So just got myself to do it and snatches felt ok today! :D Fingers crossed they would be as awesome on Sunday!! It was really few reps… like 5? But really, at least I felt good about them :) Did 2 on my own and synchro-ed 3 with Anny haha. Guess this gives me more confidence in my snatches! :D

So, with that, the 2 rest days before competition day are here! :D Counting down now… Excited!! First ever crossfit competition! :D


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