CF log 15/06/15 (Mon)

A day after the absolute fitness throwdown. Still having a bit of the post competition high :)

Didn’t feel achy or fatigued today, so I decided to go for WOD. Guess what? Almost no competitors were there. Mostly everyone I saw today were kinda unfamiliar faces except a few like Joyce, Adrian, Leslie and Sam :P Oopsy, maybe I’m too anti-social and clique-ish usually ><

Went light for strength component today, but tried to push for WOD. It looked easy…. but really the whole hour today just felt SHAGGG hahaha. Felt the fatigue… so ok, not going tmr evening haha.


3-position snatch (2 reps per position: hip, mid-thigh, above knee)
1 x 60% [28.6kg]
1 x 65% [31.1kg]
2 x 70% [33.6kg] – could not string 6 for the last set haha. Missed the 3rd rep, so did 2-4 :P

4 x 5 back squats [37.7kg, 51.4kg, 2x 58.9kg]
+ 1 x ME @ 90% [10 reps @ 58.9kg] – didn’t drop cos I just felt I should not slack too much? :P


3 rounds –
50 shoulder touches (25L, 25 R)
30 KB swings [(24kg)]
15 DB OHS [10kg on each hand]

As I was prepping for WOD and going over to take the 24kg KB, this angmoh guy came to me and said “yknow, you are actually really strong”. I had no idea who he was. I was just like “oooh, thanks!” Stun hahaha. But still felt nice! Maybe he was at the competition watching yesterday :P

Anyway, DB OHSs were hard; definitely not as easy as it looks. It was really hard to balance. I believe I have the shoulder mobility, but just couldn’t hold my shoulders and core and whatever muscle groups were required to keep the DBs up as I squat. On outlaw, it’s supposed to be using 16kg KBs on each hand for girls (guys 24kg I think?). I thought I was slacking by taking the 10kg DBs, but 10kg was already a challenge >< hahaha.


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