CF log 17/06/15 (Wed)

It’s such a dreadful week cos I’m dreading every single day when I have to wake up for work :(

So thankful for crossfit and my friends there :)


3 x ME 1-min HSPUs [Mostly did them strict, handstand hold when I couldn’t push-up anymore.. abt 30s each time?]


7-min EMOM 3 TnG power snatches [work up to last 4 sets at 37.7kg]
7-min EMOM 2 TnG C&J [work up to last 2 sets at 47.7kg] – 2nd jerks for each set were kinda ugly

Found a problem with my starting position for cleans and snatches from the ground. I don’t squat low enough and my butt’s too high. I don’t really “sit back”. So I tried it today; sitting back more with chest up, and the lifts felt so much better! But perhaps I’m not really used to it yet, so my snatches could only go up to 37.7kg. When I added weight to 40.2kg, I couldn’t lift the bar; even if I did, the snatch looked dangerous and unstable :P But yay I’m so happy that I found the right technique and it’s gonna make my lifts easier once I get it perfected! :D Maybe more PRs ahead! Now… to train my shoulders so I can do OH stuff (like jerks) better…..

4 x 5 front squat [51.3kg, 56.3kg, 2x 58.8kg] – ooooh last 2 sets at ~my BW haha
+ 1 x ME @ 90% [8 reps @ 53.8kg]


For time –
50 pistols (25L, 25R)
50 DB snatches (25L, 25R) (20kg) [40x 15kg, 10x 17.5kg]
50 burpees
[completed in 13:10]


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