CF log 24/06/15 (Wed)



7-min EMOM 3 power snatches [33.6kg, 36.1kg, 3x 37.7kg, 40.2kg, 42.7kg]

But my last set I didn’t really do a “strict” power snatch. I dipped pretty low, at least for the last rep? >< Prolly like a half squat already… in between a dip and full squat position :P

7-min EMOM 2 power C&J [37.7kg, 42.7kg, 45.2kg, 3x 46.8kg, 49.3kg]

Missed one of my jerks at 46.8kg… but I got my 49.3kg! :D That’s prolly my real 2 RM for now???

4 x 5 front squat [46.8kg, 51.8kg, 56.3kg, 60.4kg]

I think I did one less set than I intended for my front squats D: Didn’t wanna count the 46.8kg set cos it was supposed to be my warm-up set :P OH WELL. At least I got to 60kg today! From what I remember, I usually don’t front squat my BW when it’s 5 reps hahah.


100 shoulder touches
10 rounds “Cindy” (5 pull ups, 10 HRPU, 15 air squats)
100 shoulder touches
[finished in ~23min based on clock time]

Quite satisifed with my timing actually haha :P Actually the 10 rounds of “Cindy” were not as hard as I thought. Even the pull-ups were not too bad. I think what made this workout tiring was the shoulder touches. And that was already a scaled down version of the actual movement, which is a 100″ handstand walk! Think that would actually make the workout even more tiring! Oh, and there was supposed to be another round of 10 rounds Cindy and 100 shoulder touches :OOO


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