CF log 26/06/15 (Fri)

Well, this is not exactly a “real” cf log cos I didn’t go to hub or workout with the cf community. But I did a cf wod at my office gym before work! Didn’t so the strength component though (establish 1 RM snatch and 1 RM C&J) cos there are no barbells at my gym >< The only barbell available is one that is “stuck” onto a machine :/

Even for the WOD, I modified it so that it could be done at the barbell-less gym :D


400m run
25 DB thrusters [10kg a side] – originally 75# barbell
25 TTB
800m run
25 TTB
25 DB thrusters [12.5kg a side]
400m run

I think I slacked a lil on the DB thrusters though :P Esp the 10kg set, cos I strung 15-10 and it felt not too bad? Haha. But the 12.5kg set was decently heavy I suppose (or maybe cos I was already tired, and my shoulders/traps/back were achy from the past few days’ workouts); I did it in sets of 5.

Was so happy I managed to workout before work :D


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