CF log 27/06/15 (Sat)

Slept a little late last night, and was so sleepy when I woke up this morning. But as usual, going for cf wakes me up :D

Funny incident: I broke a clamp today :P I rested a weight on the clamp when it was just laying on the ground. Maybe a 15# plate on the clamp? Then when I lifted it up and wanted to load the plate on the barbell….. I saw the clamp in pieces. I was like “shiiit”. When Cindy saw it too, she gave me sort of a “oops-you-may-be-in-trouble” face. Then David saw it and was curious about it and trying to put it back when Coach came and saw it :P I didn’t know what to expect; would she be angry or…? Thankfully she was in a good mood today (I think that contributed to her ok reaction) and told me it’s okay cos the clamp was already old (and cheap?). PHEWWW.


5 x 2 (worked up 2 RM)
Hang snatch [33.6kg to last set @ 45.2kg]
Hang clean [37.7kg to 4th set @ 56.3kg, only managed 1 rep for last set @ 58.8kg]
Push jerk [37.7kg to last set @ 51.8kg] – quite stable yay!


24 pistols (1L+1R=2)
12 bar MU
16 pistols
8 bar MU
12 pistols
6 bar MU

Used my new knee sleeves when doing the pistols (I was alr using them for the cleans btw)! I love my knee sleeeeves hehe ^^ But anyway, with the knee sleeves, I can do them pistols without holding on to my leg! :D And quite decently, so I’m pleased with that! :D

Bar MUs were supposed to be ring MUs. But cos I can’t do ring ones, Coach told me to try the bar version, which I also had to scale down hahaha. Used a box to elevate myself, and did jumping bar MUs. First few times were easy, but even with a scaled down version, it does get tiring after a while >< I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE DAY I CAN DO LEGIT BAR/RING MUs. Seriously. Need to go watch some progression vids now. kthxbye.


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