CF log 01/07/15 (Wed)

MIDWEEK. NEW MONTH. New goals – time to get lean and watch my diet. Read: get lean, not lose weight. It’s gonna be tough watching my nutritional intake :/ HOPEFULLY I can stick to what I set out to do. In general, I wanna up protein, cut carbs/sugar (byebye desserts T_T). Should work right :P

So happy today! Cos course ended early and I made it to the 5:45pm class!!! :D :D :D


7-min EMOM 5 power snatch [33.6kg]
7-min EMOM 3 power C&J [37.7kg]
*both supposedly at 65% of 1 RM

4 x 3 front squat [worked up; 46.8kg, 51.3kg, 60.4kg, 65.4kg]
+1 x ME @ 90% [5 reps @ 60.4kg]


Thrusters (115#) [95#/42.7kg]
C2B pull-ups (supposed to be MUs)

Kipped the C2Bs. Chest at bar but still not touching. Must use hips even more >< But I thought today’s were already an improvement from the past :) When Trever takes class, his scaled down version of MUs do not include ring-dips. So I just did 9-7-5 of them with the thinnest orange band after class. Ugh, need to get my unbanded ring dips soon. I mean, I can do it now, but after 1-2 reps my arms are kinda dead :( Needa be able to do MORE!!


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