CF log 02/07/15 (Thu)

7 x 3
Bench press [3x 37.7kg, 4x 40.2kg]
Strict press [2x 28.6kg, 5x 31.1kg]
Deadlift [2x 78.5kg, 1x 81kg, 2x 86kg, 2x 87.6kg, extra 1x 92.7kg]

No partner to push me to up my numbers today and to count the weight for deadlifts :/ Kinda zz by my deadlift weights today. Like wts, I started counting from 78.5kg??! Now on hindsight, totally should have done another extra set on top of that last 92.7kg one… :/ But PR-ed 3 RM tho! Doesn’t feel that exciting today somehow…..


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