CF log 07/07/15 (Tue)

Back in action after my marathon in the wee hours of Sunday morning (1am)! Rested on Monday cos my knees/legs were still achy. But they feel good as new today! :D Quick recoveries ftw xD

Though actually once I started the workout, I could feel my body fatigue quite quickly…. so maybe I haven’t fully recovered yet…. haha. Still not too bad a workout today though I know I probably would have been able to perform better!


5 x 5 banded ring dips (should be strict) [used thinnest orange band, last 2 sets did 3-2]


4 x 3 snatch balance [29.1kg, 33.6kg, 37.7kg, 40.2kg]
*5 x {3-position clean (power, hang, floor) + 1 jerk} [42.7kg, 46.8kg, 49.3kg | 42.7kg, 46.8kg]

*should have been 1x @ 65%, 1x @ 70%, 2x @75%, 1x @ 80%. But only managed to complete till 1 set @ 75% before all of us had to start the WOD together (first 3 weights recorded above are those that were completed before the WOD). And when I did it again after the WOD, weights felt so heavy I didn’t bother about %s anymore :P


5 rounds –
1-min ME strict HSPU
1-min ME DUs
1-min ME row
1-min rest

I don’t really know how much I did for each minute on average. Was just doing without counting/keeping track >< Except for the rowing, I know I pushed myself to row sub 2-min (btwn 1:54-1:59)/500m for the last 3 rounds! :) Oh but I still can’t do DUs smoothly with my rope :(


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