CF log 12/07/15 (Sat)


5 x 1
Split jerk [46.8kg, 2x 51.8kg, 2x 54.3kg]
Hang clean [51.3kg, 3x 56.3kg, 60.4kg]
Hang snatch [3x 42.7kg, 2x 45.2kg]

For hang cleans, 60kg rep was ugly D: tried again but missed so I redid at 56kg haha. Not as good as last week! Then for the hang snatch I missed one of the 45kg ones, so redid to make up for it! Coach saw and said it was nice cos my elbows locked out very fast. But I told her actually the previous one was damn ugly HAHA.


42 weighted pistols [used 5kg]
15 C&J (50kg) [46.8kg]
9 MU [did jumping bar MU w 45cm box]
15 snatches (50kg) [42.7kg]
9 MU [pull ups and ring dips?*]

The snatches felt like AFT 2015 all over again :P I was super duper slow ><

*Didnt rly finish the last MUs. Cos the next class started, I couldn’t do the jumping bar MUs anymore. So I finished my 9 pull-ups and went on to try unbanded ring dips. Struggled SO HARD even though I only had 9 reps to do. In the end I gave up counting the ring dips and did them as practice. Then tried to do some static hollow holds mimcking the top position of the ring dip movement. Even that was hard for me :( Think my chest/shoulder muscles are actually really weak! Think I only managed about 6 sets of a measely 10s??? D:


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