CF log 19/07/15 (Sun)

One day of out of action and back at the box! Every time I don’t go to box cos it’s a rest day, or I can’t make it, I’m just thinking of the next time I crossfit. It’s an obsession I tell you! But it’s awesome :D

So anyway for today, we did a hero WOD. No strength component cos I guess Coach knew it would take a while for us to complete it…. haha.

“Mr Joshua”
5 rounds –
400m run
30 GHDs
15 deadlifts (80kg/175#) [78.5kg]

Rx written on the board today was 80kg for girls; I think the weight in # is 175# cos I read somewhere that rx for girls is usually about 70% of the guys rx (which was 250# today). So I guess I would consider that I did the deadlifts at rx today? :P Nonetheless, it was already pretty hard for me. I wore a belt for the last 12 reps or so in the last round hahaha. And Coach saw me during my last few reps and said I looked like I was doing 1 RM HAHA. But seriously, I felt that way too :P Took like ~52min to complete the workout :P But I did it! :)


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