CF log 20/07/15 (Mon)

With my achy back and hams, I still made my way for cf today. #passion #oractsmart hahaha.

So anyway it was TERRIBLE. Felt pretty fatigued while doing the movements today :P Like, I’m not tired/sleepy etc? Just, fatigued. Muscle fatigue I guess?

I wanna take my protein, but I’m too full tonight to drink any :/ I really should though. Oh well. #nogainz


5 x string 3 strict pull-ups + 5 kipping pull-ups

CMI. It was bad today. Couldn’t link from 3 to 5. After a while I couldn’t even link the first 3 strict and did like 2-1 :P


5 x 3-position snatch (power, hang, floor) – inc. 5% each set from 65% (to 85%) [1x 33.6kg, 3x 37.7kg]

Yep, I only did 4 sets. I tried for 40.2kg but even that I couldn’t make it omg T_T I think it’s my lower back… from all the deadlifts yesterday. And my core… too shag I can’t hold it well anymore (does that even make sense) hahaha ><

Well, not exactly a WOD today… (shall consider it under “strength/skill”)

0:00 – 5:00 EMOM 5 push jerk/back squats 70% [jerk: 42.7kg / squat: 60.4kg]
5:00 – 10:00 EMOM 3 push jerk/back squats 80% [jerk: 46.8kg / squat: 69.4kg]
10:00 – 15:00 EMOM 1 push jerk/back squats 90% [jerk: 49.3kg / squat: 74.4kg]

“/” does not mean OR. It means the first 15 min we did push jerks, and the whole cycle repeats again the next 15 min with back squats. Erm just recorded the max (comfortable) weight I used for each 5-min EMOM. Changed weights quite a bit for jerks… but squats were ok.

Anny and I took forever hahaha. We couldn’t keep to the minute and instead of EMOM I think we ended up taking turns hahaha. Anny was saying we took about 1.5 min when it was supposed to be 1 min. Plus we used a lot of time changing weights too haha! :P Oh well, we finished anyway!

Coach made me use wrist wraps for my push jerks. I guess my wrists aren’t strong enough and it’s a prob in getting good jerks? Well, there was a diff when I wore it! But gotta get used to it haha. And perhaps I should look for wrist strengthening exercises too…


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