Was a pretty nice birthday this year. Nothing extravagant, but nice :)

Had a birthday WOD and cake-cutting at hub this morning, as much as I didn’t wanna celebrate my birthday there cos I thought it would be pretty awkwarddd hahaha. None of my closer friends were going for the same class I was (i.e., no #teamchaokeng D:). But at least there was Yzanne and Belle at the 10am one! So they were there during the cake-cutting hahaha. Still, I am one awkward tortoise :P

First birthday celebrated at hub and I found out that Yzanne bought the cake ^^ so sweeeet <3 much much appreciated :’) #touched. That was a good surprise hahaha.

Then tonight, had dinner at The Line with my family and R. And I got pretty roses from R! :D Been  a while since I received flowers. Though they are impractical gifts (I mean, let’s be honest), it’s still nice to receive them and look at them while they last :’)

Oh, and one of my colleague’s wished me happy bday too :O

Am super thankful and appreciative for every birthday wish/gift/surprise I received today. Though only a countable few, they all mean a lot :) <3 Especially for some that were pretty unexpected.


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