CF log 29/07/15 (Wed)

I forgot to post about the fact that I got myself some new nano 5s! Credits to my bro’s first place in AFT 2015 xD

2015-07-27 13.00.16

This was actually a random shot that I took at the store to send as a whatsapp pic. No frills shot. Just whip out phone, whack hahaha.

So anyway, I thought last evening’s WOD was boring. Today’s was worse D: But I still went anyway. I don’t not go for class just cos it’s a WOD I don’t like; as tempting as it may be. Unless I feel like I could really use the rest day hahaha. Just an FYI, it was running and front squats yesterday. And today, it’s just r.u.n.

But yay for the strength/skill part! (thought a part of me wishes they would change the programming soon)


7-min EMOM 3 TnG power snatches [3x 37.7kg, 4x 40.2kg]
7-min EMOM 2 TnG power C&J [42.7kg, 45.2kg, 3x 46.8kg, 2x 49.3kg]

Didn’t manage to TnG my last mimute of C&Js. But still, managed to TnG one set at 49.3kg! :D It felt heavy, but I felt better/more comfortable at this weight that before. Even for my snatches; yes my 40.2kg ones got ugly at the 3rd rep usually, but I think I feel better with that weight than before? I’m guessing all these are cos of my diet change (more protein, less carbs)! Shall keep it up a little longer to see how things go and if it’s true! (it’s only been 2 weeks MAX I think. and well, some days my diet is way off too xD)

4 x 3 front squats [65.4kg]

These didn’t feel thaaat bad (crediting to diet change again haha). Improvement from last week, when I only stuck to 60kg haha. But anyway today, I made sure I went as LOW as possible, especially after Trever came over to ask me to go even lower (though I thought I was already really low haha)!


Run 1 mile (1.6km) ~ 6 building laps

Finished in 8:15.

It is always assumed one building lap is 300m but I think most people will run only about 260m. Well, it can be 300m if you run the “wider” round I guess haha. So if I wanna be exact and count 260m per round, total distance ran is about 1.56km. Ok… it’s pretty close to 1.6km haha. THAT’S GREAT, cos omg this means my 1.6km timing actually improved??!! From pri school HAHA. I usually did it at about 9+ min (and it was an A already). And now it’s sub 9 woohoo! (I don’t think I would take more than 45sec to run 40m haha).


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