CF log 03/08/15 (Mon)

Today was a rainy day. Dreaded going to work so much this morning. And to make matters worse, the aircon at office was wonky. And to make matters EVEN worse, my boss just changed so much stuff, which meant more work to be redone AGAIN; for the umpteenth time. UGH.

Just looked forward to cf the whole day, and it made my day better. Though kinda slacked off a little today on the strength/skill portion.


4 x 5 ring dips [red band]


7 x 1 pause snatch (1-sec pause below knee, 3-sec pause abv knee) [worked up till last set at 45.2kg]
4 x {3 push jerks + 2 jerk grip OHS} [worked up till 45.2kg on last set]


20 split jumps, rest 10-sec
30 split jumps, rest 30-sec
20 thrusters, rest 10-sec [45#]
30 thrusters, rest 30-sec
20 HR push ups, rest 10-sec
30 HR push ups, rest 30-sec
20 pull-ups, rest 10-sec
30 pull-ups, rest 30-sec

Finished in 12:38.

Took the longest for the pull-ups. Ugh, could only manage 1-2 kipping reps each time; mostly 1 >< Thrusters were light, but with that many reps… they were quite a workout. Strung the first 20, then did the set of 30 in tens :P

Had a mini birthday celebration for Anny after WOD :) Charity bought the cake, coach sponsored. And I realised that coach actually sponsored my cake toooo (though Yzanne chose it)! :’) so sweeet <3

2015-08-03 22.06.42


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