CF log 09/08/15 (Sun)


Increasing reps of air squats and burpees for 5min (i.e., 1 burpee 1 airsquat, then 2 burpees 2 air squats etc.)

I did till set of 9 + 3 air squats :)

So because it’s National Day, we did a “special” SG50 WOD. It’s actually just a WOD that has “50’s” in them; it’s the Regionals 2014 Event 6 (if I remember right). Brutal. For me, ring dips were the worst. I tried to use the thin orange band, but of course I “shortened” the band so there would be more tension. After all, it was SO MANY REPS. After the ring dips, my arms were too jelly to do the first few wall balls properly :P

Time cap 45 min. I finished in 43:45. PHEW! I thought I couldn’t finish it.


“2014 Regionals Event 6″
50-cal row
50 box jump-overs [(20”)]
50 deadlifts (120#) [125#]
50 wall balls [(14#)]
50 ring dips [thin orange band]
50 wall balls
50 deadlifts
50 box jump-overs
50-cal row

Went to help out in shifting after! WE ARE MOVING TO A NEWER BIGGER SPACE!! :D :D


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