CF log 23/08/15 (Sun)

Last day of workout before rest day tomorrow. Recharge and hopefully go back stronger! Been having some flu-like/sore throat symptoms this weekend though not very serious, so still got my WOD in! :D And that’s why I tell myself I should rest tomorrow… Should be working out on Tuesday morning instead! Yes, morning! :D

We had a long WOD today. No strength/skill. We were told that we should be able to finish at about 42 min. But I surprised myself when I completed it :P Honestly am pretty happy and was in a feeling of shock and disbelief for a while…. I kept recalling what I did, counting my reps, looking at the exercises to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes counting. And I can honestly say that I did not. So yayyyy! It’s just, I don’t think I believed that I could do it :’) Everything was rx-ed! :D


80 wall ball [(20#)]
70 box jump [(20″)]
60 KB swing [(16kg)]
50 KB SDHP [(16kg)]
40 TTB
30 burpees
20 strict pull-up
10 power clean [(125#)]

FInished in 35:33 :D

And first time power clean-ing at 125# (45# per side)!! ^^


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