CF log 26/08/15 (Wed)

Workouts in the morning are really the best. Not crowded, so much space to WOD, everyone’s happyyy~~ hahahaha.

As it was Xin’s birthday yesterday, we did her birthday WOD this morning (which was also done at last evening’s class) – DT!


9 inch-worms
9 nine-count burpees (ugh, hate theseeee)

10x front rack “elbow raises” (L+R=2)
10x strict press
10x shoulder shrugs with empty bar overhead [15kg]
10x BTN strict press
10x BTN “elbow raises”

The “elbow raises” is a term I came up with on my own cos I have noooo idea what that exercise is called hahaha. It felt so weird doing it :P For front rack one, it’s basically racking the bar like doing a front squat, then raising your right (left) elbow and at the same time bringing your left (right) elbow down while holding on to the bar… BUT you cannot move the bar; it should stay as horizontal as possible. For the BTN one, it’s racking the bar like a back squat, and performing the same movement. I guess all this is to train shoulder mobility and warm-up shoulders for the jerks in DT haha?


“DT” [(105#)]
5 rounds –
12 deadlifts
9 hang power clean
6 push jerk

Partnered Anny and took turns to do it. So when one of us was resting, the other partner took over the bar. I finished in 22:15! :D For each round, broke it up as follows:

  1. 11 deadlifts
  2. 12th deadlift to 4 cleans
  3. 4 cleans
  4. 9th clean to 3 jerks
  5. 3 jerks

The last time we did DT was also for Xin’s birthday last year. But it was in the form of a 12-minute AMRAP. Below is an excerpt from that crossfit long from long ago haha (recall that DT rx weight is 105# for girls):

Partnered Anny today and we did 6 rounds and 7 deadlifts! :D But we didn’t do a prescribed weight :P Did at 35kg instead hahaha. To me, the hang cleans were the killer here! I did most of it, cos Anny couldn’t; while she did most of the jerks, cos I couldn’t haha

Yay we have improved!! Can do DT at rx weight now :D (35# a side on a ladies’ bar); we did not even do 25# a side one year ago!! :O And this year, we did all 5 rounds on our own. No shared reps :D YAYY! <3


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