CF log 29/08/15 (Sat)

The usual Saturday programming from outlaw. Honestly getting quite bored of it…. :P Also cos there’s usually time constraints to finish up the strength/skill part fast so we can all WOD at the same time, so it’s kinda hard to try and push yourself with heavier weights. Cos heavy weights = more warm-up and more rest time; both of which means you take longer to finish the set number of sets and reps. So basically, can’t really push yourself cos there’s no time; so end up doing lighter or cutting sets :/


Push jerks & front squats
1 x 5 @ 75% [42.7kg | 61.8kg]
1 x 3 @ 80% [47.7kg | 69.4kg]
1 x 3 @ 85% [52.7kg | 74.4kg]
1 x 2 @ 90% [54.3kg | 74.4kg] – jerks failed 2nd rep
1 x 2 @ 95% [54.3kg |     —     ] – no time for last set of squats


5 rounds –
30 DUs
15 squat jumps
7 deficit HSPUs [scaled it down to box version: see below]

Under the impression that it was an EMOM lol. Then kinda lagged at the start. But whatever, I couldn’t rx this WOD anyway, cos I can’t do deficit HSPUs :( Please, can’t even do a strict. So the scaling down for me was either using one ab mat strict or using the box… where you put your feet on the box and hands on the ground then end up in a somewhat yoga downward dog pose, but your upper back is kinda vertical like doing a HSPU (lol hope I get this description if I ever stop crossfit and see this post in the far future :P). Aye, I don’t really like these kinda no-barbell WODs actually hahaha :X But ok, yes I know body-weight movements are good and important la. And anyway just for recording purposes, I finished in 16:00 loolll; seriously wasn’t really going all out for timing today.


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