CF log 01/09/15 (Tue)

(September. Australia uni apps open. I need to do up my personal statement and get referees. Shit, I cannot write for nuts. But this aside…)

Aching like shit – back, arms, legs, but still dragged myself to WOD today. Cos Anny said she would tahan till Wednesday before resting on Thu and Fri. And for me, it’s rare for me to go for morning classes since I started work; because I’m supposed to be working from 8-5:30pm. But as I said previously, now thinking of changing my work timing from 9:00-6:30 thereabouts. Yay for flexi-hours scheme (and how the culture is that it is ok to use it and you don’t have to formally apply for it or smth) :)

Seriously a chaokeng day today. Didn’t go very heavy at all. And it felt good in a different way (as compared to when you hit PRs and stuff) :)


4 x {3 push jerks + 2 jerk grip OHS} [37.7kg]
7 x 1 pause (1-sec just abv ground, 3-sec at knee) snatch [3x 33.6kg, 2x 36.1kg, 2x 37.7kg]

There was supposed to be glute-ham raises (as part of the strength/skill portion) at the end of WOD today but it was almost 8 (like 7:57am) and I had to bathe and “rush” to work to get there by 9am; so I can knock off officially at 6:30pm instead of 7pm. The latter really feels quite late :/

So I didn’t do the glute-ham raises. And I was telling Anny, my hams and glutes are never gonna get stronger cos I will never get to do them if they are always after WOD D: hahahaha. She said perhaps I could do on weekends; yup, true! Not all hope is lost yet ;) hahahah.


4 rounds –
400m run
12 pull-ups
12 thrusters [(30kg)] – but actually to be exact, we used 31.1kg hahaha

Finished in ~33min? I thought it was pretty slow :P oops. I was doing the pull-ups with lots of finger strength today, cos it hurt when I pressed any part of the palm area on the bar lol :P Blister problems. Glad I could still kip all the pull-ups and didn’t have to do jumping! I try not to do jumping pull-ups anymore, and minimally do kipping pull-ups whenever there are pull-ups. Even if I have to do them one-by-one!


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