CF long 07/09/15 (Mon)

I have decided that I will be going for morning classes unless I can’t make it due to courses or meetings. Yay #morningcrew :D

Shoulders and arms aching from yesterday’s WOD. Very likely the rope climbs D: And today, the thrusters….. now my shoulders tight like shit. No strength/skill today cos, seriously, the WOD took a while :P I mean, I’m no pro right ><


45 pull-ups
30 GHD
30 thrusters [(95#)]
30 C2B
30 GHD
30 thrusters
15 bar MUs [scaled to 15 pull-ups and ring dips]

Finished in 38:30, but I didn’t even rx all the movements…. my C2Bs were almost there but still not there I think. Cos I still can’t get my chest to touch the bar though I think its already the same level as the bar :/ And the MUs, cmi :P I wanted to do normal ring dips without band, but by the time I reached there my arms/shoulders were damn tired/achy and I couldn’t push myself out of the dip anymore. Not even one rep. So just went back to using a band haha. It was still pretty brutal >< But good workout… and I’m glad I managed to rx the thrusters; for all 60 reps! :D Strung 3 at a time; slow and steady haha.


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