CF log 09/09/15 (Wed)

I forgot to take my face wash from the hub shower again today :( On the bright side, it may be used up more quickly, then I can start using the Perfect Whip face wash from Shiseido, which I bought quite some time back :P Too many facial products ><

TEAM SERIES WORKOUTS OUT THIS MORNING! Pretty insane and brutal. And we’ll be doing them all in one day :O :O

Ok, definitely time to rest. I’m taking two days off to let my lats/arms/shoulders recover. They’ve been aching since Sunday… and still more shoulder work today.


5 x 2 split jerk [46.8kg, 2x 51.8kg, 54.3kg, 56.8kg]
5 x 1 pause (1-sec just above ground, 3-sec at knee) clean
[2x 51.3kg, 56.3kg, 60.4kg] – failed last rep at 62.9kg


5 rounds –
30 shoulder touches (15L, 15R) – supposed to be 30′ HS walk
10 TTB


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