5 x {1 paused clean (3 count pause at knee) + 1 paused hang clean (3 count pause in hang at knee)}
[worked up to 4th set 58.3kg, last set tried 60.8kg but only managed first rep]

5 x 3 split jerk (with 3 count OH hold in split) [worked up to last 3 sets 46.8kg]


Run 600m
30 thrusters [(105#)]
Run 600m

No idea how long I took. Think at least 20min or thereabouts :/ Partnered Yzanne and my thrusters took FOREVER cos I could only manage rep by rep. First time ever doing so heavy for so many reps??!! My thrusters technique is not very good cos I feel that I don’t really go up into a push press; and kinda like I don’t have enough ‘drive’ to lead up to a push press from the front squat? I think if I get that, I should be able to do this weight much easier. At least I would prolly be able to string 2 reps ><

I was the last to finish the WOD cos my thrusters. Thankful for Yzanne who was cheering me on after she finished her run hahaha. But kinda stressful also to be the last cos the NZ coach just kept watching me?! (yeah he took the 7.45pm class today). I think after a while he was also a bit tired of watching me and prolly didn’t bother correcting my technique/flaws in my thruster cos I was already taking so long (last leh!!).

Just FYI, he corrected me for my cleans and jerks. Said I don’t pull back enough for my cleans.. like I don’t pull my shoulders back/lean back slightly. So sometimes tend to jump forward a little (sounds like same prob as my snatch…). Then for the jerks, I don’t spread my feet wide enough (like in the left-right direction; not the size of the ‘lunge’).

So anw  back to the thrusters, Yun also saw me doing the last part of my thrusters and went like “eh you doing rep by rep ah??!!”. To which I was just like “erm ya…..”. Oops, sorry I so slow >< Everyone was already done and some even left already! That was ~8.25pm.

Luckily I still managed to finish the whole WOD by 8.32pm (yes precise haha), and there was still people at box + coaches were talking to each other (yun, xin, NZ coach). PHEW. At least I don’t feel like I delayed coach from closing box and leaving, cos after I left (with Yzanne and Danny) they were still talking and Cindy was doing some extra rowing.


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