CF log 24/09/15 (Thu)

Hari Raya Haji! Yay to public holidaysss :D There should be more of these haha.

Haze pretty bad today, there was even a post on the hub page informing us to enter by a small side door cos the box shutters were down. I thought it was quite cute hahaha.

Screenshot 2015-09-25 22.20.15

There was no special holiday WOD today. Guess it’s cos of the terrible haze that even seeps in through the side door if it is left open; like that box becomes hazy indoors too! So terrible haze > cannot breathe properly > cannot do cardio-intensive stuff > STRENGTH DAY hahaha. Been ages since I did strength :O


8 rounds tabata 0:20 work, 0:10 rest –
Alternate between push press (from front) and BTN push press

Shoulders were actually quite fried after doing this >< I prolly did like 10 per round for at least 5 rounds? Then the last few were like 8-9, especially the BTN push press. The BTNs were worse than the usual push presses imo.


7 x 3
Bench press [4x 37.7kg, 3x 40.2kg]
Deadlift [81kg]
Strict press [2x 31.1kg, 5x 33.6kg] – 4th set missed last rep, 5th set assisted last rep

Shared a bar with Anny and Xuely for bench and strict press. We had a 15 minute time limit on each of the exercises including warming up to the weights that we wanted to use. So we did EMOM style for the bench (a bit hard cos 3 people shared 1 bar) and deadlifts, so that we would take about 7 minutes per exercise and keep to the time with some buffer. Worked out pretty well! It was a little tiring though, cos not enough rest time hahaha. Then had about 20 minutes left for strict press so we didn’t do EMOM for that; but we still took turns with as little rest time in between as possible. And guess what, we took the whole 20 minutes haha. If we didn’t EMOM for the previous one, definitely would have exceeded the time limit :P

I tried to HS walk after class……. and kept falling hahaha :P It wasn’t painful cos of the cushy mat until I fell so awkwardly I landed on my right calf and ankle (i.e., lower part of my leg). So somewhat in a kneeling position with my right leg under me, but I think my left leg was extended in front. Yes, I fall weirdly. Apparently my previous falls looked dangerous/scary but nothing happened, and this one looked like I fell quite ok but actually hurt my leg -.- LOL, so weird.

Anyway after that fall, my right lower right leg was tingly pain for a while (idk how to describe that it was painful, but it wasn’t like if I had overarched/sprained my back kind of pain. But much more mild… and this pain didn’t feel like it was on the same “scale” as that kind of pain.. :/). My ankle felt a teeny bit sprained, but I could still rotate it with no issue. My knee area felt weird too, but I could still extend my leg comfortably so it was ok. Occasionally when I walked later in the day, my ankle would feel a little strange. And if I rested my ankle and not move it for a while, when I start to rotate it again, it would hurt… then after a while get better. Like it needs to warm up or something haha! Other than that all fine; knee’s perfect :D

Oh, had dim sum at nex after working out today! With #teamchaokeng – Anny + Qi Rui haha. YAY LSBs xD (but only ate one la, with many other stuff). There was this durian prawn fried roll that tasted quite unique and I thought it was not bad! And nice change from the usual mango prawn rolls :D


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